My mission is to help business people create the business life of their dreams so they can live a life they love!

Rod Irwin

Founder of Get Wired For Success

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Would your audience or readers like to Get Wired for Success in Business and Life? Now they can!

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A little about Dr. Rod Irwin

When Dr Rod purchased his business for over a quarter of a million
dollars, he soon discovered it was making a loss. With no training in
business management, he plunged on, but eight years later he was
over one million dollars in debt. It nearly killed him—crippling anxiety,
mind-numbing insomnia, even a near death experience!

Then his big breakthrough: he discovered how to use
neuroscience and positive psychology to wire his brain for
success. When he applied this little-known science to his
business, it totally changed everything: happy clients, a
highly motivated team, a 721% jump in profits!

He created the business life of his dreams, and it totally transformed
his life—to one of calmness, confidence and a love of living!

How did Dr. Rod do it?

After five years of research , Dr Rod distilled a massive amount of science into just 12 easily
understandable, essential facts that made the critical difference: The 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain
for Success.

Apply The 12 Keys, and it's like your brain is turbocharged! Your thinking and emotions, and the way you see your
world is so much better. And here's the best bit—the benefits are lifelong; yours to keep forever.

Get educated, inspired and entertained with Dr Rod’s extraordinary new book
and on-line course called Get Wired for Success! You can discover how to wire
your brain for success too! Learn how to crush mindsets—even anxieties and
fears—and then unleash amazing potential as Dr Rod makes neuroscience easy
to understand.

Dr Rod's mission is to help business people create
the business life of their dreams so they can live a life they love!

His vision is a business world that is inspiring, vibrant,
exciting, funny, compassionate, engaging, intensely
interesting, progressive, and highly profitable !


Dr Rod is available for live interview on-line by request.

Simply contact Dr Rod Irwin at: [email protected]

Interview questions to ask Dr Rod:

  1. "Your book is called Get Wired for Success—How to Wire Your Brain for Success in Business and Life with Neuroscience-made-easy! What was your starting point?"
  2. "What was your big breakthrough on this road to personal success?"
  3. "Following this Eureka moment, what outcomes did you experience personally?"
  4. "You describe 12 Keys in your book. How did they evolve, and why do they lead to greater wealth?"
  5. "A lot people would think, "I can't change who I am, so how do I change the wiring inside my head to enjoy more success in life?"
  6. "Business life can be really, really tough - especially these days. Can Get Wired for Success help you overcome self-doubts, low self-esteem, or even anxieties or fears?"
  7. "We know Emotional intelligence accounts for a whopping 50% of your business success? Can you use Get Wired for Success to increase your emotional intelligence?
  8. “Can you give an example of how you have improved your own Emotional Intelligence?“
  9. "It's not all about business or the money. How does Get Wired for Success create a better lifestyle?"
  10. "Wiring you brain for success sounds cool, but maybe a little bit weird. What does wiring your brain for success actually feel like?"
  11. "You are critical of some aspects of mindset coaching. What's wrong with having a positive mindset?"
  12. “What sets your book apart from other self-help or business improvement texts?"
  13. "What audience will Get Wired for Success especially appeal to?"
  14. “A lot of people would have a mental block or feel intimidated when it comes to neuroscience. How did you get around this perception?"
  15. "You've produced a companion on-line course. How does the course integrate with the book?"
  16. "What do people get in the on-line course that they don't get in the book?"
  17. "In writing the book and the on-line course, what do you hope to achieve for your audience?"

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“Get Wired for Success teaches you the very skills Rod developed to achieve his business success and flow. These are not “airy fairy” concepts, but concepts rooted in science. Get Wired for Success can help you develop your mindset to achieve your business goals.”

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Shane Barker

Business Consultant,
Kaizen Strategies

“After a string of burning failures in my business, I had the feeling that everything I did was doomed to fail. Thanks to Get Wired for Success, I realized my problem was my mindset, and I have wired my brain for success. My new business venture is the most exciting yet. Rod’s life and work have really made a profound and positive impact in my life.”

Terry (1)

Terry Proto

VR Executive, Founder & CEO, Ubereal

“Get Wired for Success will change your life. Rod’s ability to connect with the emotions that many of us have suffered is a rare trait. I would highly recommend Get Wired for Success to anyone who wants to be genuinely happy and prosperous.”

Aaron (1)

Aaron Parkinson

7 Mile Marketing SEZC