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This is the EASIEST, FASTEST, and Most EFFECTIVE Way to Be AWESOME at Business— GUARANTEED!*

Be Confident that in Get Wired for Success, every minute of this course is founded on PROVEN SCIENCE!

You will hear about the EXACT SAME process I used to create the business life of my dreams, living a life I LOVE! Use my template to create your own authentic story of stunning success!

Here’s my challenge to you: It's Time You Unleashed Your Amazing Potential! Now Be AWESOME at Business!

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*Your Entire Investment is Backed by My 100% Insanely Good "Wired for Success" Guarantee!


* If Creating the Business Success of Your Dreams can be viewed a journey, the Get Wired for Success on-line course will give you a clear destination, how to get there, the reasons why you are making the journey, the personal power to make it, the passion to inspire others, and the ability to master your thoughts and emotions—so you enjoy your journey! You will be "Wired for Success"—guaranteed!

Take this course and all these amazing bonuses... Test them out for their extraordinary value.., and if for any reason you are not completely blown away in 30 days.., I'll let you keep the entire course and all the bonuses and give you a 100% refund, credited to your card. Now that is an insanely good offer!

Let's Look at Everything You'll Get When You Invest Right Now...

The Complete "Get Wired For Success" Masterclass: Was $1995, Now Only $995usd

Do you want to taste real success? Or take your business life to the next level? Or create the business success of your dreams quickly and easily?

Now you can!

Get instant access to The 12 Keys in my four-week on-line Fast Track: Get Wired for Success! Watch 18 superbly illustrated ten to thirty minute videos that will walk you through the science, the strategies and the tactics to wire your brain for success in business and life. A total value of $1,995 for just $995!

Learn how to create the business success of your dreams so you can live a life you love!


"The 21 Steps": $495 Now included FREE!

Fed up with generic courses or coaching? Or people trying to run your business or life for you? The 21 Steps solve this problem for you. These are exercises within the course carefully designed to make you THINK:

  • HOW to develop highly personalized and unique solutions to your complex business problems.
  • HOW to create the business life of your dreams.

By doing The 21 Steps, you will be ACTIVELY WIRING your brain for success—GUARANTEED!  You’ll be able to get rid of those self-imposed limitations, negative beliefs, tired, old mindsets and even anxieties and fears holding you back from UNLEASHING your real potential.

The 4 Magnifying Tools: $195 Now included FREE!

Stuck in the slow lane? Impatient for business success?

Get into the fast lane with The 4 Magnifying Tools—all based on how YOUR BRAIN WORKS – to add SPEED and POWER to your progress.

The 4 Magnifying Tools are designed not only to make your progress to business success faster and easier, but more rewarding and ENJOYABLE TOO! And success is A LOT easier than mediocrity or failure! That’s for sure!

The Keep It Simple Summaries: $95 Now included FREE!

Concerned about being overwhelmed or overloaded by more information? Problem solved.

Use my Summaries to quickly REVISE, or look things up when you need help FAST. They further EMBED the progress you have made. I designed the Keep It Simple Summaries to make it EASY to continually OPTIMIZE your thinking and emotions.

When you optimize your thoughts and emotions, you save time and energy for a HOST of positive emotions – greater joy, gratitude, celebration, happiness and LOVE.

The Amazing Graphics: $195 Now included FREE!

WORRIED you can’t imagine wiring your brain for success?

The Amazing graphics will solve this problem for you.

While we can’t see inside our head, the graphics bring the process to LIFE! Now you can IMAGINE the changes going on inside your head!

Importantly, I apply the graphics to each of the Keys and ALL the other important business principles we cover in the course – illustrating improvement in areas such as EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, MOTIVATION AND YOUR POWERS OF VISUALIZATION.

My Emotion Mastery Formula: $295 Now included FREE!

A key problem I had was trying to wire my brain for success in an INSANELY busy business life. To overcome this problem, I created my Emotional Mastery Formula—a simple 3 step process so you can CONTINUE to wire YOUR brain for success WHILE YOU WORK!

This bonus is going to make it easier and faster for you because you can wire your brain for success ON THE RUN!

My Roadblock Busters: $195 Now included FREE!

These are my personal stories of the Ups and Downs, the Triumphs and Disasters I have experienced along my journey to success.

You have your OWN roadblocks, difficult personalities and perhaps your own past to deal with.

Use my Roadblock Busters as an example and framework. Your brain is extraordinarily adaptable. Use my Roadblock Busters to SMASH your roadblocks, unleash your amazing potential, and create a life you LOVE!

My Wired for Success Manifesto: $95 Now included FREE!

Don't let this important information be forgotten in the busyness of life! The Wired for Success Manifesto is a super-short summary of The 12 Keys presented as a graphic. Stick on the side of your printer, or as an image on your cell phone, ready to remind you when the pressure is ON!

Total Value – 3,560 for Just $995

The Get Wired for Success course is JUST $995

Or 6 easy payments of $195 per month!

Young couple doing shopping in internet with credit card at home

Why this low price? Because I want this extraordinary science and amazing opportunity to be easily affordable to everyone!

What price do you place on gaining more empowering beliefs, greater clarity of thought, and richer, deeper, better emotions? These benefits are priceless!

Your experience will be life-changing and lifelong—guaranteed!


Or 6 easy payments of $195 per month!


“After a string of burning failures in my business, I had the feeling that everything I did was doomed to fail. Thanks to Get Wired for Success, I realized my problem was my mindset, and I have wired my brain for success. My new business venture is the most exciting yet. Rod’s life and work have really made a profound and positive impact in my life.”

- Terry Proto, VR Executive, Founder, and CEO, Ubereal.




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