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The On-line Course Showing You How to Wire Your Brain for the Business Success and Life of Your Dreams—Easily, Inexpensively, and in Less than 5 Weeks—Guaranteed!*

With Dr Rod Irwin, Scientist, Experienced Successful Founder of Multiple 7-Figure Businesses, and now Author.

Hi! I’m Dr Rod Irwin, scientist, business owner, and now author of the on-line course Get Wired for Success.


Before I discovered the power of wiring my brain for success, my business almost killed me.

Low margins, poor profit, demanding clients, disengaged employees, distractions, and doubts - all lead to stress, chronic low self-esteem, clinical anxiety, and insomnia. Yes, even a near death experience!

I was at rock bottom. I felt like a total lost cause.

Nothing was ever going to change if I didn’t change…

That was until I discovered neuroscience and positive psychology. In a storm that threatened to drown me, this science was my true lighthouse. It completely transformed my life.

That was until I discovered neuroscience and positive psychology. In a storm that threatened to drown me, this science was my true lighthouse. It completely transformed my life.

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Rod Irwin

Founder of Get Wired For Success

It was My Big Breakthrough...

When I learned to wire my brain for success, and upgrade my internal programming, everything changed.

As I replaced my negative thoughts and emotions, and upgraded my strengths, a third change naturally occurred. It created capacity, freedom, and the realization of amazing potential inside me.

I suddenly felt unlocked from my past, fully engaged with the present, and unleashed into an exciting future.

It totally changed my business. I gained a great bunch of happy clients, a highly motivated team, and a 721% jump in profits. I created the business life of my dreams!

But not only did my business profit, efficiency, effectiveness, energy all vastly improve…

...but so did every single area of my life!

I rewired some “pretty broken and defective programs” in my brain, like low self-esteem, self-doubt, and anxiety. And I installed some high-performance programs—like confidence, certainty, and calmness. It feels sensational, breathtaking, and indeed mind-blowing

What followed was a stronger family unit, financial security, and an unwavering sense of fulfillment and optimism.

Now, it’s My Mission to Help Other People to Create Their Own Story of Success.

Get Wired for Success is founded on neuroscience and positive psychology, in particular a phenomenon called self-directed neuroplasticity. I make this science entertaining, inspiring and easy-to-understand. Very easy!

This 4 Week Accelerator Will Wire Your Brain for Awesome Success—Lifelong, Life-changing, Guaranteed! No Prior Training or Experience is Required. All You Need is a Willingness to Learn!



Get Wired For Success

A lot of money “invested” on personal development is spent on simple hope, or whipped-up, short-lived enthusiasm, or to be frank, pure mumbo jumbo. Little is based on proven science.

This truly science-backed course has everything you need to wire yourself for success in any and every area of your life.

Divided into 4 units, containing in-depth lessons and coaching, Get Wired for Success takes you step-by-step through a complete transformation:


Unit 01

How To Wire Your Brain For Success

  • The Big Breakthrough

    How I crushed my mindsets and why it changed everything!

  • Neuroscience-Made-Easy:

    How your brain works so you can turbocharge it!

  • The 12 Keys To Wire Your Brain for Success:

    The real nuts and bolts of this Course!

Unit 02

Dream Big! Then Turn Your Vision Into Reality.

  • How To Create a Crystal-clear Vision

    of the feature for your business and your life!

  • Get The 7 Rules For Real Results

    And transform your dreams into reality!

  • How To Add Speed & Power To Your Vision

    With 4 magnifying tools!


Unit 03

On Fire With Purpose, Power & Passion.

  • The 3 Point Plan To Find Your Life’s True Purpose:

    The secret to unstoppable motivation!

  • Bored or burnt out?

    Get 4 Rules To Turn Work Into Pleasure!

  • Discover Your 6 Power Words:

    Vital energy for courageous, decisive, authentic actions,

    and How To Ignite Red-hot Passion - inspire your investors,

    lead your team, persuade your clients!

Unit 04

How To Master Your Thoughts & Emotions.

  • The X-Factor In Business Success:

    What it is, how to get it, how to max its effect!

  • The 3 Stages of Personal Transformation

    This is what the Gurus should teach!

  • Discover the "Software" to Program Your Mind for _____________!!

    Fill in this space with the outcomes you desire...

  • And bonus: Conquer pressure and overwhelm with
    My Emotional Mastery Formula.


Don't Waste Another Minute!

Wiring Your Brain For Success Isn’t About Rewiring Your
Authentic Self - It’s About Enhancing It.

It’s important to emphasize this process isn’t about losing oneself. It’s about gain.

You’re tapping into your very own, unique personality traits that hold the key to more success in your life, and simply, removing the negative ones standing in your way.

See it like upgrading a piece of technology.

You’re happy to settle with your old technology because it’s what you know. But, there comes a time where you need a replacement.

You reluctantly replace it to find everything is better.

The power, the logic, the definition, the color, the clarity, is all amazing. Everything feels better, lighter, smoother, faster, deeper, richer. You wonder why you were ever reluctant to do this in the first place!

That’s What Wiring Your
Brain For Success Feels Like.

Still the same authentic you, but your
thinking, your emotions, and the way
you see your world is so much better!
You can:

  1. Flip the switch from anxiety and stress to calmness and peace-of-mind.

  2. Overcome challenges by selecting “courage,” “tenacity,” or “resilience” mode.

  3. Replace your foggy vision of the future with crystal clear clarity.

  4. Rid yourself of the negativity
    standing in the way of your


Create Your Own Unique Fast Track to Success with this Amazing On-line Course.

"If creating the Business Success of Your Dreams can be viewed as a journey, then in less than 5 weeks, you will create a clear destination, know how you will get there, find the reasons why you are making the journey, discover the personal power and motivation to make it, acquire the passion to inspire others, and master your thoughts and emotions—so you can enjoy the journey! You will be "Wired for Success"—Guaranteed!* That's my promise to you!"

Invaluable, Life-changing, Lifelong Benefits! 


It took me a science degree and 600 hours of research to put this knowledge into an easy-to-learn course that will wire your brain for awesome business success. If you value your time at $25 per hour, that’s $15,000 of value. If you value your time at $100 per hour, that’s $60,000 of value.

But Today Investment in this Fast Track to Success is Yours for...

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Questions and Answers

Get Wired for Success can be easily fitted around your normal job.

One unit is delivered each week. Each unit has four to five videos that are 10–30 minutes in duration, so they can be fitted into a busy schedule.

Together with completing The 21 Steps, you should allow four to six hours each week to complete the course in less than 5 weeks!

Can you invest this time to create greater success in your business and personal life?

No. You can complete it at your own time and leisure. Registration gives you lifetime access to the Course.

I will explain:

When I bought my business for over $250,000, I soon discovered it was making a loss. In the next eight long years, I went $1.1 million into debt. I was drained by poor profit, disengaged employees, and demanding clients. I suffered from crippling anxiety, mind-numbing insomnia, and even a near-death experience!

During that living nightmare, I often asked myself: Why are other people so successful? They have amazing purpose, personal power, and red-hot passion; they have wealth, freedom, and happiness; they seem wired for success—what is their secret?

Do you ever ask such questions? Do you wish you could create the business life of your dreams and live a life you love?

Then, my big breakthrough: I discovered how to wire my brain for success—to think, feel, and see my world like successful people do.

And Wow! It totally changed my business. Now, I have a great bunch of happy clients, a highly motivated team, and a 721% jump in profits. I created the business life of my dreams, and it totally transformed me. I am now calm, confident, and living a life I love. It feels sensational, breathtaking, and indeed mind-blowing!

What was the real secret to my success? After years of research and trial and error, I distilled a massive amount of science into just 12 easily understandable, essential facts that made the critical difference. I now call these facts “The 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain for Success.”

Apply The 12 Keys, and it will be like your brain is turbocharged! Your thinking and emotions and the way you see your world will be so much better. Here is the best bit—the benefits you receive are lifelong; they are yours to keep forever.

The 12 Keys are now a robust, powerful, and easily understood model built for businesspeople to use every day in their busy, demanding, and sometimes chaotic business lives.

Critically, I have applied the Keys to other vital areas of business success—vision, creativity, motivation, emotional intelligence (EQ), leadership, and so on. They work seamlessly.

Have you ever had a feeling deep inside that things could be so much better, that you have so much potential waiting to be unleashed, and that there are limitations in your business life—some of which you can identify and some perhaps holding you back just below the surface of your consciousness? All you want is to break out from everything holding you back… to burst free and achieve your true greatness?

Yes? Then The 12 Keys and Get Wired for Success are perfect for you!

No matter what your position or level of achievement in business, your success depends on your beliefs, clarity of vision, thought patterns and range of emotions, both positive and negative.

Get Wired for Success improves your performance in each one of these key areas.

Although you are not aware of it, your brain is continuously wiring and rewiring itself as you go about your day - at over one million connections and disconnections per second.

Within Get Wired for Success, you will learn to take control of this change, and adapt it to your massive benefit!

For example, 50% of your business success depends on your level of emotional intelligence or EQ. Irrespective of your current level of EQ, in Unit 4 of this Accelerator, you will learn a three step process to improve your EQ - and so, your business success!

The scientific process by which this occurs is called "self-directed neuroplasticity", and despite the long name, I make this very easy for you to understand. It is so exciting!

I will explain by way of three analogies:

Analogy Number One: You know how you sometimes hang onto old technology for too long and then suddenly need a replacement—a new phone, a tablet or laptop, or perhaps a television? You bite the bullet and buy a new one. You power it up and “Wow!”

The power, logic, definition, color, and clarity are all amazing. Everything feels better, lighter, smoother, faster, deeper, and richer. That is what wiring your brain for success feels like. You are still the same authentic you, but your thinking, emotions, and the way you see your world is so much better.

Analogy Number Two: Sometimes, our lives are a daily grind. Imagine escaping that grind; imagine finding yourself on a movie set and you are the star of the movie! Like many Hollywood blockbusters, this movie has a gritty and difficult beginning, a challenging storyline with many ups and downs, and a wonderful ending in which, against the odds, you win.

Instead of being the star of an imaginary movie, you are the star of the movie that is your real life! That is what wiring your brain for success feels like.

Analogy Number Three: My wife has a brand new, red-hot Ford Mustang convertible. It looks amazing. On its dash is a simple rocker switch with the word “mode.” Flick the switch to the “sport” mode, and everything changes via the onboard electronics—more responsive steering, quicker acceleration, tighter handling, and better braking—turbocharged! So much fun!

Like driving the Mustang, I can select the mode I want at the flick of a switch, and I have learned to do it quickly and easily. When I am feeling stressed or anxious, I can flick the switch to feel calmness and tranquility. Years ago, I used to think I was too weak for real business success, but now I can select the mode I want: courage, tenacity, or resilience. The way ahead used to be foggy and lack detail. Now, I view my world with crystal-clear clarity.

It is sensational and breathtaking—even mind-blowing—and like driving the Mustang, it is so much fun.

I hope this inspires you to enrol in Get Wired for Success. I guarantee it will accelerate your path to success!

While stress, self-limiting beliefs, anxieties and fears can interfere with our business performance, of course they can also block our enjoyment of life.

Would you like to crush your anxieties and fears so that they become just fading memories?

I was overwhelmed with crippling anxiety, fear of conflict, and low self-esteem. Now I am calm, courageous and confident! What a difference! What are your anxieties and fears?

With the same training , you can also transform your natural abilities into superstrengths with powerful positive thinking and emotions.

Do you want to generate extra capacity and time for greater creativity, imagination, growth, contribution, compassion, gratitude, relaxation, happiness, love, and a host of other empowering states of mind?

Imagine you could wire your brain for _________! (Fill in this space with the outcomes you desire!) Would that be great?

Would you like to raise your fist to the sky and shout to the heavens, “Yes, I have made it?”

If you have answered, "yes," to any of these questions, then Get Wired for Success is perfect for you!


It is perfect for entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, CEOs, directors, consultants, coaches, accountants, dentists, software programmers, or anyone else involved in business. It is ideal for someone who wants to be more successful or is just starting out.

No. It is appropriate irrespective of your level of experience, or the size of your business.

It is equally ideal for someone who is starting out, or for a highly experience professional wanting to take their career to the next level.

Yes! Get Wired for Success can be equally applied to your personal life.

Get Wired for Success gives you the opportunity to conquer your negative mindsets, self-limiting beliefs, and even your anxieties and fears in your personal life.

It also gives you the opportunity to build on your natural abilities, to unleash your amazing potential!

The content is founded on science, and you will learn how to apply this science to your personal life.

The 21 Steps—downloadable PDF exercises—can equally be applied to your personal life too, making this a highly personalized journey of discovery.

The end goal of Get Wired for Success is to help you Live a Life You Love!

It is great if you can involve your partner(s) in the course. Alignment with your partners is of great benefit. The less alignment, the more potential problems for you!

This is an important point: World-leading neuroscientists and psychologists have proven that you can wire your brain for specific outcomes.

You can be absolutely confident Get Wired for Success will work for you because all of the content is founded on proven science, then applied to best business principles.

I am a scientist, and I applied the science with laser-like precision to both my business and personal life—and WOW! What a difference!

While of course, you are different to me, and your brain is unique to you, our brains work in similar ways. As adults we have about 86 billion brain cells, but it is the connections between the cells that make us so unique.

The Get Wired for Success Accelerator enables you to modify those connections to your massive benefit!

Because Get Wired for Success is based on science, I can confidently guarantee your results.

Yes! Click to the next page to learn about my "Wired for Success" Guarantee*

The 21 Steps are downloadable PDF worksheets designed so you learn by doing. These exercises will make your plans, business strategies, tactics, growth, and business/life journey a highly positive part of your life.

They will personalize the Get Wired for Success experience for you, so your results are unique to you, and you alone.

The 21 Steps are carefully designed to make you think about and understand how to create the business life of your dreams and live a life you love. By doing The 21 Steps, you will be actively wiring your brain for success guaranteed!

Importantly, if you do not do the work and complete The 21 Steps, you will not gain the maximum personal benefit and opportunities within the course.

In addition, to test your progress, there are quizzes at the end of each unit.

This online course transforms information in a book into your journey of discovery, knowledge, and insight.

We all gain knowledge in different ways, whether by reading, looking, listening, or doing—and I have each mode of learning covered.

Each unit in the course has a set of superbly presented videos. Watch never-before-seen graphics of how your brain wires for the better (or worse).

See carefully curated images that illustrate how each unit affects your business success (or lack thereof).

There are transcripts of each lesson for those who want to read, as well as audio files for those who prefer to listen, perhaps making use of your time on the way to work.

Finally, and most importantly, there are worksheets so that you can learn by doing. Called The 21 Steps, these exercises will help make your journey, growth, plans, business strategies, and tactics a positive part of your life.

The 21 Steps are carefully designed to make you think about and understand how to create the business life of your dreams and live a life you love. By doing The 21 Steps, you will be actively wiring your brain for success.

The 21 Steps personalize Get Wired for Success, so your results are unique to you, and to you alone.

On the other hand, with a book, the contents are generic, and once read, easily forgotten.

How many personal development or business improvement books have you read that are specifically tailored to your journey?

Many business books or courses are truly great. I draw from, and refer to many, within Get Wired for Success.

However Get Wired for Success starts with how your brain works! That is the key difference.

I make this science inspiring, entertaining and easy-to-understand.

I then apply the science to areas vital for business success—such as vision, creativity, motivation, emotional intelligence, leadership, a sense of purpose, and so on.

Once you understand how your brain works, it is easier and quicker to excel in areas such as these!

This accelerates your journey to success! That is why Get Wired for Success is a Business Accelerator!


We are all familiar with phrases like “her mind is set” or “all he needs is a positive mindset!” Here are four reasons why mindsets—even positive ones—can block success.

First, our mindsets place our own preconceived notions on what is or is not possible. How often have you heard others say, “I could never do that,” when the challenge before them seems so easy to you?

Who makes up these rules that limit our ability? While our relatives and friends, teachers, fellow workers and employers, community, and the media all influence us, the fact is that we do! We make up our own rules, often unconsciously so.

Even using a phrase such as “all you need is a winning mindset” places an upper limit on progress. In other words, once you have a winning mindset, you cannot do any better. Who said you cannot do any better?

Second, have you ever woken up with the most amazing mindset? “Wow, today I feel great! I can conquer the world!” Then, one hour into your working day, that incredible mindset is in tatters or forgotten, as all the troubles of the world (and of your business) land on your shoulders. Two of your team members have just had a fight, your best client is raging on the phone, upset with your service, and last month’s sales figures are down. Now, where was that positive mindset and what good will it do you in that moment?

Third, much is made of mindset training and having a growth mindset. I am all for growth, but it is important not to be fixated on it. Especially if market conditions are adverse, it may be more appropriate in business to maintain rather than invest in growth, to reflect and plan and not charge ahead.

A growth mindset is synonymous with a commitment to personal change, but if change is not in the right direction or for the right reasons, or if one lacks the power to effect it, then growth for the sake of growth can be exhausting or demotivating. Worse, you could burn out, disillusioned with lacking progress or advancement. You may also be so set on your path to business or personal growth, other important aspects of your life are neglected.

Finally, the word ‘mindset’ itself fails to address the fact that although progress toward a better set of thought patterns, beliefs, and emotions may be slow or difficult, neuroscience proves that it is possible—at a million connections each second, with over 300 trillion possibilities for connection. The very word mindset is a misnomer! The mind is not set!

It is time to get rid of tightly held mindsets, including positive ones!

We need a model based on the science of how our brains work, not based on an abstract concept such as mindsets. We need a model that makes us think, one that is more dynamic, more flexible, and indeed more plastic than mindsets!

Get Wired for Success is NOT mindset training. Indeed, it is training in mental agility!

Complete The 21 Steps, and I guaranteed you will see benefits from Get Wired for Success within five weeks.

It is important to note that this program is not about achieving results in five years, next year or even tomorrow. It is about making sure today is amazing.., and then tomorrow, and then the day after that.

This course will optimize your life!

The Get Wired for Success process is especially designed to maximize harmony in your business life—your interactions with your team, investors, clients, and suppliers—and in your personal life too. One part of this process is not at odds with or risking any other part—quite the reverse is true.

My results and the outcomes I hope you achieve—a business life full of purpose, passion, and success and a personal life of freedom, wealth, and happiness—are the result of many factors working in synergy. Each part is designed to augment the whole in a never-ending upward spiral of business and personal improvement and growth.

When everything is integrated and holistic, harmonious, and synergistic, wonderful things happen. That sounds so cool, doesn't it?

Don't wait any longer. Get Wired for Success!

Once you have completed this fast track to succcess, you can elect to book an appointment with one of our coaches for business or life coaching

“Get Wired for Success teaches you the very skills Rod developed to achieve his business success and flow. These are not “airy fairy” concepts, but concepts rooted in science. Get Wired for Success can help you develop your mindset to achieve your business goals.”

Picture of Shane Barker

Shane Barker

Business Consultant,
Kaizen Strategies

“After a string of burning failures in my business, I had the feeling that everything I did was doomed to fail. Thanks to Get Wired for Success, I realized my problem was my mindset, and I have wired my brain for success. My new business venture is the most exciting yet. Rod’s life and work have really made a profound and positive impact in my life.”

Picture of Terry Proto

Terry Proto

VR Executive, Founder & CEO, Ubereal

“Get Wired for Success will change your life. Rod’s ability to connect with the emotions that many of us have suffered is a rare trait. I would highly recommend Get Wired for Success to anyone who wants to be genuinely happy and prosperous.”

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Aaron Parkinson

7 Mile Marketing SEZC

Transform Your Life Today with this Amazing On-line Accelerator.