How to Conquer Your Fears – Part 2. Get Wired for Courage!

Image of a young professional speaking on stage.

Many of our fears are hard-wired, learned during childhood or adolescence, and can have very adverse effects on our health and well-being. I asked, “So, how do we hard-wire courage?” This is how you do it: Select the fear that is most troubling or disabling. HOMEMEDIABUY THE BOOKBLOGCOACHING Business Coaching With Dr Rod Irwin Life…

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How to Conquer Your Fears – Part 1

business man overcoming fear

We all face countless fears. In our professional lives, financial failure, conflict, errors, and many other negative events can cause the emotions and feelings of fear. They can dominate our personal lives too—fears of personal loss, humiliation, illness, and death. Some fears seem irrational to us, but disable others—spiders, flying, driving, and so on. What…

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How to Control Your Emotions in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

A Young Man Showing How to Control Your Emotions with Meditation

My negative emotions nearly killed me. Fear of conflict, panic about financial failure, and low self-esteem all paralysed my business and path to success. My life was a misery. The knock-on effects were acute anxiety, mind-numbing insomnia, and even a near death experience. If only I could control my emotions! By chance, I learned about…

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How Do You Recover from Humiliation?

Image showing an employee being humiliated by his supervisor.

Fear of conflict and low self-esteem were constant companions for most of my life. I was ignorant of emotional intelligence (EQ), and its crucial role in the workplace. The day my boss lost his cool was a graphic example of why EQ matters! As a junior employee, I drove some distance to one of our…

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How to Turn Anxiety into Calmness in 3 Quick Steps

From Anxiety to Calmness

When I was over one million dollars in debt, I suffered from acute clinical anxiety. It is a different beast from the anxiety one might feel before an exam, when presenting, or meeting someone important. HOMEMEDIABUY THE BOOKBLOGCOACHING Business Coaching With Dr Rod Irwin Life Coaching With Celia IrwinSPEAKING Rod’s Blog Buy the Course! How…

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How to Improve Your Business Success by 50%. Boost Your EQ!

Our Emotions are like an iceberg - below the surface!

If you think business success tightly links to your tech skills or even your IQ, think again. Daniel Goleman’s research for his book Working with Emotional Intelligence showed that Emotional Intelligence or EQ was twice as important as technical expertise or IQ for business success. EQ accounted for 67% of the abilities necessary for top…

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How to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Confidence!

In past business meetings, self-doubt, insecurities, anxieties, and fears racked my brain, wrecking my chances of genuine progress. The old bogey of low self-esteem was my root cause, hiding in my subconscious like a troll under a bridge, ready to send my pulse racing and my guts churning when killer confidence would have counted. Do…

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