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The Amazing On-line Course by Dr Rod Irwin.

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Hi, I’m Rod Irwin, scientist, entrepreneur, and business owner.

Before I discovered the power of wiring my brain for success, my business almost killed me.

Low margins, poor profit, demanding clients, disengaged employees, distractions, and doubts - all lead to stress, chronic low self-esteem, clinical anxiety, and insomnia. Yes, even a near death experience!

I was at rock bottom.

I felt like a total lost cause.

That was until I discovered neuroscience and positive
psychology. In a storm that threatened to drown me,
this science was my true lighthouse. It completely
transformed my life.

A picture of Rod Irwin

Rod Irwin

Founder of Get Wired For Success

The Biggest Revelation And Relief?

The seeds of this failure, the anxiety, and my inability to handle stress were set long before I’d even bought my business.

In part, my beliefs, weaknesses and strengths had been wired into my brain as a child, and in my adolescence.

Nothing was ever going to change if I didn’t change…

But, when I did learn how to wire my brain for success, and upgrade my internal
programming, everything changed.

As I replaced my negative thoughts and emotions, and upgraded my strengths, a third change naturally occurred. It created
capacity, freedom, and the realization of amazing potential inside of me.

I suddenly felt unlocked from my past, fully engaged with the present, and unleashed into an exciting future.

But not only did my business profit, efficiency, effectiveness, energy all vastly improve…

...but so did every single area of my life!

I rewired some “pretty broken and defective programs” in my brain, like low self-esteem, self-doubt, and anxiety. And I
installed some high-performance programs—like confidence, certainty, and calmness.

What followed was a stronger family unit, financial security, and an unwavering sense of fulfillment and optimism.

The biggest revelation and relief was that I achieved this amazing transformation
with proven science, not mumbo-jumbo, nor whipped up hype, nor positive
mindset spin.

The Amazing On-line Course


Get Wired For Success

A lot of money “invested” on personal development is spent on simple hope, or whipped-up, short-lived enthusiasm, or to be frank,
pure mumbo jumbo. Little is based on proven science. This truly science-backed course has everything you need to wire yourself for
success in any and every area of your life.

Divided into 4 units, containing in-depth lessons and coaching, Get Wired for Success takes you
step-by-step through a complete transformation:

Image of computer Unit 1

Unit 01

How To Wire Your Brain For Success

  • The Big Breakthrough

    How I crushed my mindsets and why it changed everything!

  • Neuroscience-Made-Easy:

    How your brain works so you can turbocharge it!

  • The 12 Keys To Wire Your Brain for Success:

    The real nuts and bolts of this book!

Unit 02

Dream Big! Then Turn Your Vision Into Reality.

  • How To Create a Crystal-clear Vision

    of the feature for your business and your life!

  • Get The 7 Rule For Real Result

    And transform your dreams into reality!

  • How To Add Speed & Power To Your Visisn

    With 4 magnifying tools!

Image of computer Unit 2
Image of computer Unit 1

Unit 03

On Fire With Purpose, Power & Passion.

  • The 3 Point Plan To Find Your Life’s True Purpose:

    The secret to unstoppable motivation!

  • Bored or burnt out?

    Get 4 Rules To Turn Work Into Pleasure!

  • Discover Your 6 Power Words:

    Vital energy for courageous, decisive, authentic actions,

    and How To Ignite Red-hot Passion - inspire your investors,

    lead your team, persuade your clients!

Unit 04

How To Master Your Thoughts & Emotions.

  • The X-Factor In Business Success:

    What it is, how to get it, how to max its effect!

  • What the gurus should teach:

    The 3 Stages Of Personal Transformation. Discover The

    “Software” To Program Your Mind For _________!!

    (Fill in this space with the outcomes you desire!)

  • And bonus: Conquer pressure and overwhelm with
    My Emotional Mastery Formula .

Image of computer Unit 2

Don't Waste Another Minute!

Wiring Your Brain For Success Isn’t About Rewiring Your
Authentic Self - It’s About Enhancing It.

It’s important to emphasize this process isn’t about losing oneself. It’s about gain.

You’re tapping into your very own, unique personality traits that hold the key to more success in your life, and simply,
removing the negative ones standing in your way.

See it like upgrading a piece of technology.

You’re happy to settle with your old technology because it’s what you know. But, there comes a time where you need a

You reluctantly replace it to find everything is better.

The power, the logic, the definition, the color, the clarity, is all amazing. Everything feels better, lighter, smoother, faster,
deeper, richer. You wonder why you were ever reluctant to do this in the first place!

That’s What Wiring Your Brain
For Success Feels Like.

Still the same authentic you, but your
thinking, your emotions, and the way
you see your world is so much better!
You can:

  1. Flip the switch from anxiety and
    stress to calmness and tranquility.

  2. Overcome challenges by selecting
    “courage,” “tenacity,” or “resilience” mode.

  3. Replace your foggy vision of the
    future with crystal clear clarity.

  4. Rid yourself of the negativity
    standing in the way of your success.


Transform Your Life Today with this Amazing On-line Course.

It took me a science degree and 600 hours of research to put this knowledge into an easy-to-learn course that will wire your brain for success. If you value your time at $25 per hour, that’s $15,000 of value. If you value your time at $100 per hour, that’s $60,000 of value.

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