How to Use Mental Models for Business Success

Image showing man deep in thought.

Business life can be so complicated, especially if you are the business owner. One of the best tools I use to turn stressful complexity into easy simplicity is the concept of mental models. What are mental models? Wikipaedia defines them as “explanations of one’s thinking about how something works in the real world.” I think…

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How to Best Recover from Your Mistakes, Even Bad Ones!

I've made a mistake!

Do you wince when you think of your worst mistakes? I can recall them as if I had made them yesterday. Why are our mistakes so hard-wired in our memories? Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the human species evolved on the plains of Eastern Africa, mistakes were often fatal! HOMEMEDIABUY THE BOOKBLOGCOACHING Business…

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How Do You Succeed in Life? Wire Your Brain for Success!

The Author on a Movie Set

People often ask me, what does wiring your brain for success really feel like? It sounds cool, but maybe a little weird. Would you become a different person: less authentic or too greedy? How does it change you? It is like being the Star of the Movie that is Your Life! Wiring your brain for…

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3 Easy Steps to Turn Your Strengths into Superpowers!

Celebration of Success and Triumph over adversity

It is the rare person who has a supreme belief in their abilities and downplays their weaknesses. Often, they are only fooling themselves! For the rest of us, we are all too conscious of our weaknesses. We downplay our strengths to our detriment. However, your strengths are an integral part of your unique and amazing…

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How to Keep a Positive Mindset, Even on Bad Days!

That feeling when everything goes wrong!

Have you ever woken up with the most amazing mindset? “Wow, today I feel terrific! I can conquer the world!” Then, one hour into your day, your incredible mindset is in tatters or forgotten. All the troubles of the world seem to land on your shoulders. You spill your coffee on your clean shirt as…

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How to Stop Negative Mindsets

Do negative mindsets whisper in the back of your mind? Fail, fail, they say! They tell us we lack ability, or courage, or self-worth, just at the critical moment when we need to display competence? When the pressure is on, all our past negative experiences can rise to the surface of our consciousness, giving us…

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How to Overcome Negative Thinking and Unleash Your Potential!

Man feeling free and liberated

As you read these words, your brain cell networks are making about 100,000 connections per second. That is the way we live, love, and learn. Here is the thing: your brain cell networks are also making disconnections at about the same rate. That is how we get rid of our mental junk. Without the disconnection…

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