How to Make a Good First Impression with One Easy Mind Trick

man trying to make a good impression at interview

In both business and personal settings, making a good first impression is essential. In business, whilst creating a great impression on prospective clients might be uppermost in our minds, future team members, suppliers and investors will also meet us for the first time, and form opinions which will be important to us. Check out this…

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How to Control Your Emotions in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

A Young Man Showing How to Control Your Emotions with Meditation

My negative emotions nearly killed me. Fear of conflict, panic about financial failure, and low self-esteem all paralysed my business and path to success. My life was a misery. The knock-on effects were acute anxiety, mind-numbing insomnia, and even a near death experience. If only I could control my emotions! By chance, I learned about…

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How to Use Mental Models for Business Success

Image showing man deep in thought.

Business life can be so complicated, especially if you are the business owner. One of the best tools I use to turn stressful complexity into easy simplicity is the concept of mental models. What are mental models? Wikipaedia defines them as “explanations of one’s thinking about how something works in the real world.” I think…

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How to Rewire Your Brain for Business Success

image showing a young woman rewiring her brain

Can you wire your brain for awesome success? I am in the fortunate position to answer the question affirmatively. Yes, you can—I am the living proof of achieving this feat, reaping the rewards. I created the business life of my dreams, and I am living a life I love. Here are the 5 Steps I…

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How to Best Recover from Your Mistakes, Even Bad Ones!

I've made a mistake!

Do you wince when you think of your worst mistakes? I can recall them as if I had made them yesterday. Why are our mistakes so hard-wired in our memories? Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the human species evolved on the plains of Eastern Africa, mistakes were often fatal! HOMEMEDIABLOGBUY THE BOOKCOACHING Business…

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How to Write and Achieve Your Business Vision.

a businessperson seeing her business vision come true

There is an old saying. “If your destination is unknown, how will you get there?” A business vision describes where the business is going. Writing it is one thing — now making it come true is a real achievement! HOMEMEDIABLOGBUY THE BOOKCOACHING Business Coaching With Dr Rod Irwin Life Coaching With Celia IrwinCORPORATE TRAINING Rod’s…

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3 Essential Keys to Have More Fun in Your Business

Workplace Team having Fun

Business Life can be tough, even soul-destroying. I know, I’ve been there. For a sole owner, carrying 1.1 million dollars of debt was NO fun. It created a ton of anxiety. Sometimes it was hard to get out of bed and start the day. Know that feeling? What turned it around for me was to…

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How Do You Recover from Humiliation?

Image showing an employee being humiliated by his supervisor.

Fear of conflict and low self-esteem were constant companions for most of my life. I was ignorant of emotional intelligence (EQ), and its crucial role in the workplace. The day my boss lost his cool was a graphic example of why EQ matters! As a junior employee, I drove some distance to one of our…

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How Do You Succeed in Life? Wire Your Brain for Success!

The Author on a Movie Set

People often ask me, what does wiring your brain for success really feel like? It sounds cool, but maybe a little weird. Would you become a different person: less authentic or too greedy? How does it change you? It is like being the Star of the Movie that is Your Life! Wiring your brain for…

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3 Easy Steps to Turn Your Strengths into Superpowers!

Celebration of Success and Triumph over adversity

It is the rare person who has a supreme belief in their abilities and downplays their weaknesses. Often, they are only fooling themselves! For the rest of us, we are all too conscious of our weaknesses. We downplay our strengths to our detriment. However, your strengths are an integral part of your unique and amazing…

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