How to Write and Achieve Your Business Vision.

a businessperson seeing her business vision come true

There is an old saying. “If your destination is unknown, how will you get there?” A business vision describes where the business is going. Writing it is one thing — now making it come true is a real achievement! HOMEMEDIABUY THE BOOKBLOGCOACHING Business Coaching With Dr Rod Irwin Life Coaching With Celia IrwinSPEAKING Rod’s Blog…

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How to Get Clarity in Your Business Vision

When you are clear in your thoughts about performing a simple everyday task, such as driving from A to B, the destination is easy to visualize. However, when you imagine a vision for your business, it seems a lot more difficult, and of course the future is hidden from us. Yet a crystal-clear vision is…

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How to Set Business Goals: Add a “Wow” for Success!

Suddenly you are impressed and inspired by a certain something. A “Wow” escapes your lips before the thought has crossed your mind! So common is this very human emotion of surprise, a “Wow” is one of the top emoticons on social media. Leading designer, Milton Glaser, stated, “There are three responses to a piece of…

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How to Turn Your Dreams into a Vision that Gets Results!

A young couple enjoying their dream holiday

Something extraordinary happens inside your brain when you dream BIG for an amazing future. Building a bold picture of just how we would like our life to be creates brain cell networks that drive you forward to take the actions needed to get the results you want. The reason lies in The 6th Key To Wire Your…

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