How Do You Recover from Humiliation?

Image showing an employee being humiliated by his supervisor.

Fear of conflict and low self-esteem were constant companions for most of my life. I was ignorant of emotional intelligence (EQ), and its crucial role in the workplace. The day my boss lost his cool was a graphic example of why EQ matters! As a junior employee, I drove some distance to one of our…

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How Do You Succeed in Life? Wire Your Brain for Success!

The Author on a Movie Set

People often ask me, what does wiring your brain for success really feel like? It sounds cool, but maybe a little weird. Would you become a different person: less authentic or too greedy? How does it change you? It is like being the Star of the Movie that is Your Life! Wiring your brain for…

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3 Easy Steps to Turn Your Strengths into Superpowers!

Celebration of Success and Triumph over adversity

It is the rare person who has a supreme belief in their abilities and downplays their weaknesses. Often, they are only fooling themselves! For the rest of us, we are all too conscious of our weaknesses. We downplay our strengths to our detriment. However, your strengths are an integral part of your unique and amazing…

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How to Turn Anxiety into Calmness in 3 Quick Steps

From Anxiety to Calmness

When I was over one million dollars in debt, I suffered from acute clinical anxiety. It is a different beast from the anxiety one might feel before an exam, when presenting, or meeting someone important. HOMEMEDIABLOGBUY THE BOOKCOACHING Business Coaching With Dr Rod Irwin Life Coaching With Celia IrwinSPEAKING & TRAINING Rod’s Blog Buy the…

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How to Keep a Positive Mindset, Even on Bad Days!

That feeling when everything goes wrong!

Have you ever woken up with the most amazing mindset? “Wow, today I feel terrific! I can conquer the world!” Then, one hour into your day, your incredible mindset is in tatters or forgotten. All the troubles of the world seem to land on your shoulders. You spill your coffee on your clean shirt as…

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How to Improve Your Business Success by 50%. Boost Your EQ!

Our Emotions are like an iceberg - below the surface!

If you think business success tightly links to your tech skills or even your IQ, think again. Daniel Goleman’s research for his book Working with Emotional Intelligence showed that Emotional Intelligence or EQ was twice as important as technical expertise or IQ for business success. EQ accounted for 67% of the abilities necessary for top…

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How to Get Clarity in Your Business Vision

When you are clear in your thoughts about performing a simple everyday task, such as driving from A to B, the destination is easy to visualize. However, when you imagine a vision for your business, it seems a lot more difficult, and of course the future is hidden from us. Yet a crystal-clear vision is…

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How to Stop Negative Mindsets

Do negative mindsets whisper in the back of your mind? Fail, fail, they say! They tell us we lack ability, or courage, or self-worth, just at the critical moment when we need to display competence? When the pressure is on, all our past negative experiences can rise to the surface of our consciousness, giving us…

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How to Set Business Goals: Add a “Wow” for Success!

Suddenly you are impressed and inspired by a certain something. A “Wow” escapes your lips before the thought has crossed your mind! So common is this very human emotion of surprise, a “Wow” is one of the top emoticons on social media. Leading designer, Milton Glaser, stated, “There are three responses to a piece of…

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How to Reduce Workplace Conflict with Shared Values.

Workplace Fun

Sarah was a key player in my team, but she had become unpopular, demonstrating a lack of feeling towards others in moments of truth that required caring and sharing. The team was stressed and unhappy. I realized that her behavior had strayed from one of our agreed values—empathy, and it was time to provide some…

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